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call us to get an estimate for required architectural drawing in order to meet BS 7671 (British Standard) as in point 1.1 & 1.3 below

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Maintain your business Electrical safety: What you need to know to make your electrical installation.

for detailed information, please visit the relevant page on this website, weather you are domestic (dwelling) or commercial, we can cater for all clients bespoke requirments

​​​​​NICEICapproved contractors..

You can opt in for your preferred supplier, however, we have collated below some of our recommended suppliers

our qualified engineers have extensive years industry experience, helping our clients meet British Standard

below are some recommended steps which our clients must follow and we will help you reach your mile stones 

our accredited, fully qualified engineer will help you save money as all our work are carried out by us (no subcontracting)


speedy electrical installation diagnostics, identifying issues and recommending remedies

Electrical ​​​​​​NICEIC approved contractors London.