We have-- - - - - - - - - - Public and products Liability (insurance).

CRB – -- -  -- - - - - - - -  All our operatives are fully vetted by the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB).
Company Identification – All our operatives are issued with a photo identification card stating their name.

Qualifications – - - -  - -  All our operatives are fully qualified and experienced in their respective trades.

CERTIFIED:  Engineers & Electricians.

Material collection for non-stock items is kept to a minimum and will not exceed 45 minutes of the current hourly rate for that trade

Emergency call out 24/7 London. Tel. 07453 007 167

Method of payment
3 All materials cost to be transferred upfront for purchasing.
4 Invoices and receipts will be issued via email.
5 Payment will be made at the time the work is finished.
 5.1 If you want the receipt at the moment it will be done through the Apps quickbooks-online.
 5.2 If you want a more detailed receipt, it will be sent later from the office.

Remember if you have followed the steps 1,2. If no fixed the problem. No charge

Estimates can be provided upon request and are free for existing customers

We have 27 years of experience in emergencies in the commercial and domestic area.

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  ​Services London, Certified Electricians & Engineers

Additional Information

City London 24/7.12 Month Guarantee on Work. No fix no charge

Materials are charged at Trade Prices plus a 15% mark up and are subject to VAT

Rates & Fixed Prices * (excl. VAT)

We charge for call-out: is for travel time, fuel, parking, Congestion / ULEZ: so that working hours are cheap

Payment must be made in full upon receipt of invoice by bank transfer or cash directly to the engineer

1 hour minimum charge on hourly rate work, then in 15 minutes

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Invoices are digital (hard copy available upon request) and show a full description of works including times and a full breakdown of labor and materials

We suggest you follow the steps, because many times it will be free. With our advice you could do it yourself.

1 You sent a written message to our whatsApp explaining what happened. Tel. 07453 007 167
2 Take a picture or video of the affected devices, area or machine and send by whatsApp that way we will see if you can do it yourself or facilitates to carry spare parts or testing machinery.

Company Policies
Charges - - - - - - - - - - - - -our charges are transparent, it’s quotes when you reserve a job.
Guarantee – - - - - - - - - - - Workmanship is covered by a 12. Month guarantee.

Ongoing Customer Service – We are here to assist you and help wherever we can.

Customer Details – Under no circumstances will any customer's details be shared, sold or in way passed on to any third party.

Security – - - - - -Any keys left with our operatives to gain access to properly will be kept secure.Data Protection – Customer information & other records are dealt with strictly in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.