Step for curry out the Inspection:
Agree with the customer (estimate).
Make of the inspection.
Filled of documentation.

Cancel all payment.
Send of the documentation.

 Code C2 Potentially dangerous-urgent remedial action required.
             Examples of this include:
            No earthing to gas or water pipe.
            Damaged lighting low insulation readings on cables.

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Necessity for periodic inspection and testing 

Is necessary because all electrical installations deteriorate due to a number of factors such as damage, wear, tear, corrosion, excessive electrical loading, ageing and environmental influences. Consequently  


(a) legislation requires that electrical installations are maintained in a safety condition, and this lends itself to periodic inspection and testing 

(b) licensing authorities, public bodies, insurance companies, mortgage lenders, others may require as is for example the case for house in multiple occupation. 

(c) additionally, should be considered in the following circumstances:

  • to asses compliance with BS7671
  • on change of occupancy of premises 
  • on change of use of the premises 
  • after additions to the original installation 
  • where there is a significant change (increase) in the electrical loading of the  installation
  • where there is reason to believe that damage may have been caused to the installation, as might be the case for example after flooding. (3.2)

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Purpose of periodic inspection and testing: is to provide an engineering view on whether or not the installation is in a satisfactory condition where it can continue to be used safety. (3.1)


     Services London: Certified Electricians & Engineers


Code C1 Danger present. Risk of injury. Immediate remedial action is required.
             Typical examples of this include:
             A broken socket exposed live conductor
             Blanking plate missing on Consumer Unit (fuse board) ...

Documentation record.
Electrical Installation Condition Report
Condition Report Inspection schedule (For each Consumer Unit)

Generic schedule of test result (For each circuit) 

FI Further Investigation required without delay.To be attributed where the inspection has revealed apparent deficiency that could not, due to the limitations or extent of the inspection, be fully identified and further investigation may reveal a Code C1 or C2 item. An example could be where characteristics of electricity supply (such as voltage or external earth fault loop e impedance Ze) do not conform to supply industry norms

The Remedial work is separate agree.

Codes on Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR).
The codes are used to determine whether or not there are non-compliance or faults with the electrical installation. Are numbered C1, C2, C3, F1. These codes are entered on the Electrical Installation Condition Report, together with a description of the nature of the fault, and will determine whether a ‘Satisfactory’ or ‘Unsatisfactory’ report will be applied to the installation. (3.11)

Code C3 Improvement recommended.
           This code more often than not implies that while the installation may not comply with the current BS7671 it complies with a                       previous set of regulations and so is deemed to be safe even though safety could be improved.
           Typical examples of this are: 
          No RCD protection on lighting or power circuits. 

CERTIFIED:  Engineers & Electricians.

All inspections and testing are done with modern technology machines.We use the most modern software (generation) to fill electronic Electrical Certificates.